When traditional systems and ways of thinking just aren't working.


The hecticness of the cartoon may be what your teen is experiencing as they try to​ navigate the challenges of adolescent life. 

Chances are, this too is what you may be feeling as you try and navigate th​e challenges of connecting with your teen.

I'd like to help facilitate mutual understanding, bridge the gap, to bring you and your family closer while instilling life skills your adolescent can take with them wherever they go, for life.  


Behind the Initiative

Not only do I bring relatability to the therapeutic relationship, but I also put forward experience in developing creative, effective programs.

I am excited to expand on and develop initiatives that I had for therapeutic institutions that encourage both engagement and growth—bringing tailor-made initiatives to you and your family.
Fostering a trusting therapeutic relationship, I exercise creativity, imagination, and your adolescents' interests; developing unique initiatives to encourage engagement with life, family, and mental health. 

Therapeutic Relationship and Foundations 

An impactful Therapeutic Relationship is seeded in trust, relatability, and rapport; as this foundation grows, tools are offered and applied. In turn, tools and perspectives are received in good grace and prove deeply impactful.
This gives your adolescent confidence to lay their foundation to assist and promote their own self-growth. 

I feel, building upon such a foundation promotes and paves the way to implement exponential growth. 


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Sessions and Packages

As we all know, change is gradual. To achieve the best results, taking the intentional time to settle into a beneficial therapeutic relationship would be advantageous. I understand reservations, so I encourage you to take advantage of the free consultation and single session option.

Single Session

Unsure after the initial consultation? Feel it out; if you decide you want to move forward past single sessions, payment can go toward upgraded packages!

Plus "Hangs" add $50

Drop - In - 6 Sessions

For those who struggle with new relationships and trust. This gives us all a chance to build a foundation and see if we can seed a bond that promotes growth.

save $ 180

Snow Ball - 3 Month

For those who want to work within a time frame that will consist of one iconic goal. A goal that you and your family want to achieve and give room to apply more life skill integration. 

save $900

Phoenix- 6 Month

This option gives us the chance to see exponential, impactful growth and see life skills implemented through DIY Projects and hands-on experiential knowledge.

* Unlimited Hangs & Sessions upon availability

 Accept a select  small # of clients, ensuring max investment & focus on your family 
*waiting list  option

 Check-ins and reminders per agreements, off-hours

 Tangible tools and materials to promote growth all accessible on the client portal

 Engaging hangouts and Life Skill Implementation
*virtual hangs offered regarding Carona Virus

 Care package to promote healthy habits (easy anxiety strategies)

  Family sessions and group activities 
*virtual hangs also offered

  Paid Packages of the past go towards upgrades in the future

      *Pricing does not include DIY projects nor cooking ingredients                         

*Cooking from meat dishes to veggie dishes :) 

  *Virtual Hangs: Corona Conscious, please refer to here for more info

$ Paid Can Go to Upgrade!

If you decide to upgrade packages, past expenses will go towards the upgrade and incur no additional charge. 

Not a good fit?
If you feel that we aren't a good match and have already bought a package? That is okay! I want to promote what is best for you and your family. You can expect refunds on sessions that have not happened yet at the package session price. 

Words On...


Most folks don't know or understand what it is like struggling with ADHD, Anxiety & ASD; how can they help if they cannot relate? It would be like a rock telling a sponge how to be the best sponge it can be.  

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Mentorship Initiative

When traditional systems and ways of t​hinking just aren't working. 

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