When traditional systems and ways of thinking just aren't working.

What​ They Say...



Initial Consultation

This will serve as an opportunity to get a sense of what you and your family are looking for, answer questions, and hear the present challenges your hearts are facing.


Aim and Purpose

This will give you and your family a chance to outline what you feel could be improved on, in a sense, as a target for us to aim for; and toss around some ideas as to how we can hit intended targets. 


Outline Goals

A vital step in ensuring we are all on the same page, to outline aims with clarity, intention, and purpose. This includes setting up a system of recognition and celebrating oneself! 

I​t's been a great ride.

 - Casey -


The Power of Connecting 

Here is what you can expect when relatability and a strong therapeutic relationship come into play:


Communication and respectful conflict resolution skills. Navigating paths to healthy relationships.

Life skills

Experiential skill development such as Cooking Skills, Social Interactions, Laundry, Budgeting, Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, organizational, and so forth.


Activities and outings that meet their interest, that involve life skills and trades, i.e., building a skate ramp, building a computer, et al.


Specific strategies and tools laid out in a tangible format regarding emotional difficulties and fostering life skills specific to your teen.

Parental Involvement

Parental/Caretaker consultations regarding advanced strategies before implementing them,  updates, and group sessions/activities.


Support includes routine check in's and reminders on top of one-on-one sessions in which your teen can divest, be heard, and gain perspective.

Sessions and packages